Simon’s Shine Shop is a full service detail center in Chicago that has received national recognition for being one of the best detail shops in the country. And there’s a reason they’ve earned such a good reputation over the years; they take detailing to the next level. It’s no wonder they were chosen to be part of the Elite Detailer’s Alliance in 2011 and have been a member ever since.

If you stop in on any given day you’ll see a number of luxury and exotic vehicles receiving services ranging from complete interior restoration, to paintwork correction, to the application of high end ceramic paint coatings. Their large staff of highly trained detailers spends hours on each vehicle, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to have every car looking perfect. They also perform services such as window tinting, clear bra installation and paintless dent repair, but their detailing services are their bread and butter.

This can all be traced back to owner Jim Lafeber, who started the business in 2004. You can tell just from talking with him that he’s passionate about taking care of his customer’s cars. He’s so obsessed that he even formulated his own product line, Dr. Beasley’s, because he wasn’t able to find another that was up to his standards. It’s this kind of dedication to being the best that keeps his clientele coming back.

And you can see that customer appeal the moment you step foot inside. Once inside the posh waiting area you’ll join customers lounging in overstuffed leather chairs while sipping on gourmet coffee. You’ll also notice the friendly front desk staff, who are always available to answer questions and make sure your needs are taken care of. Put simply, Simon’s is a different breed of detail shop. The entire experience is more reminiscent of a high end coffee shop or bookstore, rather than an automotive service. And your car, well, your car will never look better. You can visit Simon’s Shine Shop at 1439 W. Shakespeare Ave. Chicago, IL 60614 or call at 773-348-2000 to make an appointment.

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1439 W Shakespeare Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, USA


1439 W Shakespeare Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, USA

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