Rezvani Motors manufacturer of niche high-performance supercars. The first supercar in the Rezvani lineup is BEAST™. Beast features an ultralight carbon fiber body, and can reach 0-60 mph in an astonishing 2.7 seconds.


As a young boy, founder Ferris Rezvani aspired to become a fighter pilot just like his father. In order to develop a thrill similar to flying an F-4 fighter jet, Mr. Rezvani set out to create an extreme sports car that gave drivers the opportunity to experience the same exhilaration and g-forces behind the wheel. This is represented in the Rezvani emblem, with wings representing his roots in aviation and steering wheel and racing stripes representing the brand's dedication to driving.

With the goal of redefining vehicles to their full potential, Mr. Rezvani assembled a strong team of designers, manufacturers, racing engineers, and high-performance engine experts. The team developed one of the most unique, extreme and reasonably priced cars on the market today.

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