A massive private property harboring the most exclusive suites for elite collectors. An upscale sanctuary for those who seek the perfect space close to the heart of the city, yet secluded for enhanced privacy.

Focused on delivering excellence, we are a development group striving to offer our clients projects that exceed expectations and surpass imagination.

We are delighted to create the most exquisite functional spaces that can help you live your life the way you want it.

Our creative process originates from our own passion, and at the forefront we find Juan Manuel Fayen. Being a collector himself, he is not only the Collection Suites CEO, he is the dreamer behind this oasis. With the same desire that moves a collector to gather and care for every precious item, Mr. Fayen and his team have ideated the perfect luxury environment for those seeking a private, secure and exclusive space to harbor their collections.

We are delighted to make you part of this exclusive community.

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6010 NW 102nd Ave, Doral, Florida, USA


6010 NW 102nd Ave, Doral, Florida, USA

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